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I put these stories on this website, free of charge, in the hope that you will enjoy them.


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If you do any of the things marked YOU MUST NOT without my prior explicit permission in the form of a written and signed waiver, you will be breaking copyright law. I will message you and ask you to stop. If you do not, I may have to take legal action to protect my interests.

You MAY:

  • Create non-commercial derivative works (e.g. fan art, fan fiction, or a 'podfic');
  • Create copies of the stories for your own personal use (for instance, printing copies or putting a copy on your e-reader);
  • Copy the concepts and ideas within the stories, as that’s what all writers do anyway. (I won’t complain unless it’s a direct rip-off.)
  • Quote the stories (provided the quotes are of a reasonable length, not more than 10% of the story’s overall length) in journalism, blogging, research etc. or for critical analysis. (If you do, while it’s not necessary, I’d love it if you told me!)

A few more notes:

  • If you’ve done some fan art based on one of the stories, and would like to sell it, you’ll need to drop me a note: in all probability, I’ll say “yes” so there’s no need to be shy (I may even want a copy for myself). My address is meat this domain.
  • Non-commercial fan art, podfic, and fan fiction is already explicitly allowed! No need to ask.
  • As a general rule, if you’re not going to monetise your derivative work, that’s just fine. Don’t hesitate to email me if you’re unsure.
  • This does not affect your statutory rights under fair usage legislation (or equivalent) in your jurisdiction.