Privacy notice

This Web site is hosted using Ghost Foundation on their servers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is operated by Jonathan Rothwell in the United Kingdom. Visitors are counted using Plausible which is hosted in Germany.

The last update to this privacy notice was on 12 February 2022.

You can ask questions about this policy by sending a mail to me at this domain.

Data collected about subscribers

If you sign up to receive posts to this blog by email ('subscribing') then you will do so by entering your email address. At this point, Ghost also collects the country you appear to be in.

This is only used for the purpose of emailing you when a new post is published. It will never be shared with anyone else.

If you are concerned about privacy, you should consider using a free email-forwarding anonymiser service.

You can delete your data at any time by unsubscribing to the newsletter (follow the Unsubscribe link) or by logging in as an existing user to the Web site and deleting your account.

Data collected in aggregate about visitors

When you visit this Web site, some anonymous usage data is collected by Plausible. This is anonymous. You can review Plausible's data policy here. In the interests of transparency, you can view the dashboard itself here.

Plausible only stores data in aggregate. It does not store IP addresses, user agent strings, or anything else that might be used to identify you. It does not track you, nor does it store any cookies on your computer.