Impressions of Manchester

Row of multi-coloured plastic wheelie bins on a narrow street in Manchester

I’ve spent a few days in Manchester for a conference. It’s been rainy (normal for Manchester) and I haven’t ventured beyond the city centre—I didn’t have my bike with me, and everywhere I was going was within the city centre, so it didn’t seem necessary.

I love this place. To some extent it has been left to rot by means of zombie car parks (any vacant area of land bound to become a surface level car park.) Looking at the photos feels a bit like looking at photos of Amsterdam in the 1970s. That was certainly true when it came to the driving—those minicab drivers take no prisoners.

All these photos are from my phone…

A road crossing marked with oblong tactile paving and black and yellow stripes.
Not sure if this is legally a zebra crossing...
A glass oblong building. Narrow, multi coloured panels of glass jut out perpendicular at regular intervals.
Building frontage with trans pride and gay pride flag (with black and brown stripes)
I loved how many of the venues had signs on the door specifically indicating they were trans-inclusive.