Richmond Park photodump

A view to the west from Richmond Park of trees, grass, buildings. An air traffic control tower is on the horizon.

My only previous visit to Richmond Park was that Christmas Eve (2019) I decided to cycle to my parents' place to avoid crossing a picket line on the trains. Rushing through at the golden hour in winter, in head-to-toe lycra and trying to avoid getting wiped out by oncoming cars, was probably not the best way to experience the place. So I had good fun there yesterday, at high summer with a leisurely wander over around five hours. I got to see the protected view of St. Paul's from King Edward's Mound that was infamously ruined by the fugly Manhattan Loft Gardens tower in Stratford (actually very close to me—I have to look at it every time I go to the shops.) I even got to see some deer. Please enjoy these photos.

A grassy area peppered with bright yellow buttercups in soft focus.
A family of geese (2 adults and 3 fluffy yellow goslings) pootle about in some water.
A mallard swims on a small pond, with some big leaves in the foreground and trees and pink and red blossom reflected on the pond surface.
A small pond with the opposite bank occupied by trees peppered with red and pink flowers and green foliage.
Yellow flowers with erect stamens on a tree, backlit by the sun.
Two fallow deer stand in the scrub with grass and partly-fallen trees around them.
View over fields and trees including a bend of the River Thames. Three men sit on the grass enjoying a picnic with their bicycles on the ground beside them.
Taken on the way back to the station.