I have swum[1] in
the ponds
that are in
Hampstead Heath

and which
you have probably
seen in
a movie[2]

Forgive me
it was terrific
So cheap[3]
And so cold[4]

  1. for the first time in my almost 11 years in London ↩︎

  2. SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE (2006) dir. Ed Blum, which is not a good movie ↩︎

  3. £4.25… although I think it used to be cheaper, or even free ↩︎

  4. Although not as cold as I expected ↩︎

Jonathan stand sin front of a pond with people swimming in it. He wears no shirt and is covered in water droplets.

I took a long detour home, and found myself struck by the light at the Railway Tree sculpture near Stratford station (which everyone locally calls the Rhubarb.) Up close, it looks quite a bit more imposing—particularly, it turns out, if you stick your camera between the rails and turn the timer on.

A sculpture made of rails curving upwards in a bunch rises into the sky amongst tall buildings.
Looking up into a blue, cloudy sky, through the centre of eight rails rising to meet.

Some of the flowerbeds in the Olympic Park seem to have exploded with colour over the last few weeks or so—the rain and the sun have done wonders for them.

Weeknotes 2022.23: The Ponds