Bluebells in Wanstead Park

Panoramic view of a deciduous woodland with a carpet of bluebells below it on a cool day.

I cycled over to Wanstead Park yesterday to record a cycle route for our Newham Cyclists YouTube channel to the bluebells at Chalet Wood, and it was so stunning that I went over again today with my partner (before it inevitably gets trampled by people lying down amongst them to get that perfect Instagram influencer photo.) Please enjoy these pictures.

A carpet of bluebells backlit by the sun
A large deciduous tree with thick, bare branches reaching for the canopy, and some new growth on some more slender branches.
A bluebell head from above. A bee feasts on one of the bells.
A feast for some.
Two bluebell heads in focus close to the camera with a defocused field of them behind.