WordPress: feels like operating a laser printer. I mean, it works, but you can easily spend an hour fighting with it or spilling toner over yourself. Keep coming back to it out of familiarity even though it feels like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Tumblr: fun to dip into once in a while, but mostly the home of unhealthily obsessed media discourse and bizarre fandom wank. I guess at least it’s more self-aware than it was pre-DashCon?

Ghost: I very much do not want to turn my audience into a business

Twitter: hell site

Facebook: hell site

Substack: I mean, would anyone subscribe to hear my ramblings? Would they?

HEY World: the new kid on the block. Tells people that you pay money for your email account, which feels decadent even though it’s less scuzzy than having your emails shoved into Google’s ad machine. Does not yet support alt text for images so no good for diagrams. They are very confident in their processes for dealing with abuse, but I remain unconvinced. UPDATE: The responsible parties have now comprehensively corn-cobbed themselves.

A view of the blogging landscape, March 2021