Oxford in late winter

Oxford in late winter
Turl Street. Taken on CineStill 400D, developed and scanned at Rapid Eye

At the beginning of March we zipped over to Oxford for a quick break, spending rather a lot of time in the Ashmolean museum (impressive and expansive albeit with some displays best described as questionable) and wandering narrow streets. It felt more like winter than early spring, and it was bloody cold, so we'll need to come back. Nothing to justify a long travelogue this time, but I burned through two rolls of film and took a fair chunk of digital photos—so here they are. Enjoy!

Digital photos were taken on a Sony a5100 with the stock lens, film photos were taken on either CineStill 400D or Portra 800.

An arched bridge between two buildings over a street at night. The street is deserted save for some rear flashing cycle lights.
Less 'bridge of sighs' more 'bridge of... just whys'
A row of wooden pews rising towards the back of a church, with sunlight coming through arched windows.
As I took this there was a very strange conversation taking place behind me.
Seen through the blurred window of a passing bus, a cyclist turns down a narrow street with old buildings on either side.
It took an unholy number of attempts to get this right.
The back of a car window covered in dust, with the words "DONT WRITE THE DATE IN THE DIRT" written in the dirt. Behind it is an old stone-brick wall.
A terraced house with the left side having sand-coloured rendering, the right having grey coloured rendering, and a drainpipe down the middle. A bare creeping plant covers the wall.
This probably looks better in summer.
A boba tea shop called "Coba" with tons of colourful post-its from visitors stuck on the frames and glass of its windows.
Inside the Covered Market
A large triangular structure on decorative metal legs with protrusions that look like swallowtails. Inside are stacked horizontal boxes with a hole in each, in orange, beige and black—these are nesting boxes for swifts.
This box is for swifts, apparently
A grand pipe organ in an old church, its silver pipes gleaming.
The Radcliffe Camera, an old circular stone building with a dome, in the centre of a pedestrianised square with drab greenery around it. A person in a red jacket walks towards the entrance.